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General 24 October 2017 | Dr. Nawin Jittat

Smog produced by cars or factories, water with high levels of chemicals, and foods contaminated with pesticides, herbicides are some of the pollutants faced by people living in big cities every day.  Over time, these toxins accumulate in our blood and tissues and can have a major impact on personal health. The World Health Organization estimates about 80 percent of the diseases facing mankind today occur due to prolonged exposure to environmental pollution.


“Children and adults with existing health conditions who live in big polluted cities are at particular risk to environmental pollution and toxins,” says Vitallife wellness expert, Dr. Nawin Jittat.  He further adds that common pollutants like arsenic, mercury and lead can result in a wide range of health disorders. “Children are at high risk, because many environment-related diseases can remain undetected during childhood and only manifest in adulthood.  Adults with heart and lung conditions will probably have more health challenges than people with the same ailments living in the countryside,” said Dr.Nawin.


Cleaner Living in the City

To make the best of a challenging environmental situation, Dr Nawin said there are many practical measures that city dwellers can adopt to reduce their toxic exposure.  His number one recommendation is installing water filters at home to purify drinking and cleaning water.   While water may be clean when it leaves a processing plant, the pipes it travels through to reach your home are dirty.


For bathing and personal hygiene needs he suggests natural or organic soaps, detergents, deodorants and cosmetics, and when it comes to food and diet, he urges people to buy organic products. “Organic is the best but that’s not always convenient, so I recommend adding a small amount of sodium bicarbonate in water to flush out pesticides when you wash fruit and vegetables.”


Dr. Nawin also recommends eating a well rounded, varied diet to avoid being overexposed to certain heavy metals, such as mercury in fish., and to limit eating barbecued and deep fried foods commonly sold by street vendors in Asia.”


Tests and Treatments

Dr. Nawin recommends that people who are concerned about the potential threat of toxins in their bodies should be tested. These include a urine test for chemicals and pollutants, a blood test to measure the amount of heavy metals in the bloodstream, a DNA scan for in-depth analysis, and a gene test to determine possible risk areas in the future.


Once tests are done and analyzed, several customized treatments are available, including supervised detox plans that involve changes to diet, detox supplements and chelation therapy to help people remove heavy toxins in the blood stream.



About Vitallife

The VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center located on the campus of Bumrungrad International Hospital is a global leader in the provision of scientifically-based integrated medicine. Its programs are managed and run by US Board Certified doctors specializing in the center’s Future Health concept, covering predictive, preventive, regenerative, and revitalizing health care.

It is the first medical wellness center in Asia to be accredited by the World Council on Clinical Accreditation (awarded in November 2007). It is also the first compounding pharmacy in Southeast Asia.

Vitallife is the first wellness center in the world to be accredited to DNV.GL’s International Accreditation Standard for Outpatient Specialist Centers. DNV.GL is a globally respected quality accreditation organization renowned for integrity in certification, standards development and risk management in many sectors including healthcare.  DNV.GL International Healthcare Accreditation is based on standards approved by the U.S. Government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Vitallife is a 100% owned subsidiary of the publicly traded Bumrungrad International Hospital since  2001.


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