Q&A about exercise

General 04 February 2019 |


Q1 - 'I am lifting weights but cannot build muscle. Why?’

Building muscle requires three things:
1. Regular exercise.
2. Adequate protein intake. And
3. Optimal testosterone levels in our blood.

Testosterone deficiencies are a common reason for men and women who exercise regularly to struggle with the inability to build muscle. A simple blood test can determine your testosterone levels and our physicians who are experts in bio-identical hormones can help you optimize your levels.


Q2 – ‘I feel worse after exercise. Why?’

Persistent soreness after exercise is a symptom of something deeper. Chronic stress, our busy lifestyles, and inadequate nutrition can lead to hormonal and nutritional deficiencies that prevent us from achieving our fitness goals. At Vital Life, our physicians focus on addressing the root causes of problems via comprehensive laboratory analysis and innovative health optimizing strategies. It should feel good to exercise!



Q3 – ‘Exercising but not losing weight?’

If your body is not responding to exercise it may be a sign of a deeper problem.  Will power alone cannot correct a thyroid disorder, which is a common cause of fatigue, weight gain, and inability to regulate body temperature. VitalLife’s comprehensive thyroid evaluations help identify problems commonly missed by other doctors and laboratories – because being fit should not be an uphill battle. 


Q4 – ‘Am I fit or fat’

A VO2 Max evaluation is no longer reserved for elite athletes and is now available for everyone at Vital Life. Once your VO2 Max is evaluation is performed our physicians will be able to recommend customized dietary recommendations to help you achieve your health goals and optimize your exercise performance.

Vitallife doctors specialize in designing personalized weight management programs
designed to help you achieve your ideal body weight.  CONTACT US